How to design your own post layout/loop with Elementor

Ever wondered how you can design your own post? Elementor is a great plugin to create a cool looking website with in a minute. It has tons of widgets and theme options as well. But one thing it still lacks is to "Create a custom post loop".
But we have an alternative solution for it.
In this tutorial I will show you how we can create our own post loop or how we can design our posts of our own.

We will use a plugin called "Elementor Custom Skin". Its a free plugin. You can download it from wordpress plugin repository.

Go to 'Plugins > Add new' from your wordpress dashboard and search for 'Elementor Custom Skin'. Install and activate it.
Now if you go to 'Templates > Theme Builder' you will see a new tab called 'Loop'.
Now lets add a new 'loop'. Click the 'Add new' button from the top.
Select 'Loop' as type and give it a name. And click the 'Create Template' button.

Now elementor editor will open. design the post just like you want. (Design it only for one post.)After finishing the design, we need to make everything dynamic. for e.g. Lets make the title dynamic so that it shows post title automatically.
Click the small 'Dynamic' text just above the title you have added and choose 'post title'.
Also to make the 'link' dynamic, click the dynamic button and choose 'Post URL'.

Perfect. Same for feature image and post description as well.

When everything is dynamic click the 'publish/update' button.

The display condition popup will show. Set the proper condition, where you want to show the loop design.

Our design is done. 🙂
Now how can we use this design to our post? That's actually very easy.
Go to your page where you want to show the custom designed post. Insert a 'Posts' widget.
Under 'Layout > Skin' you will see a new option called 'Custom'. Choose it and then set the 'Select a default template' to the template you have created.
Cool! we are all set. choose the correct post type from 'Query'.

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